Who we are

We provide creative IT and Audio Production consulting services. When attention to detail, stability, and results are paramount to your project, we strive to answer with world-class solutions.

Working to shine differently, we will discuss goals and how to achieve a perfect, polished end result to wow your clients and peers, and ensure you rest assured your service, project or system is protected and maintained by industry-leading technologies and talent.

Our Services

IT Infrastructure

We provide industry-leading cloud and on-prem IT consulting services for your business systems. Our architect has experience with small business networks all the way to enterprise-level systems with Fortune 500 companies. Whether your user base is 5 or 50,000, we will provide the best custom solution possible.

IT Security

Whether you're in need of bullet-proofing your network, or urgently remediating from an ongoing attack, we will provide the best, most secure enterprise-grade solutions to keep attackers where they belong - outside your network.

Audio Production

Our production engineer is trained by Berklee College of Music and has 15 years experience working with sound. If you're ready for your project to sound polished, professional, or radio-ready, we offer affordable, custom-tailored, in-house audio consulting services for recording, production, mixing and mastering.